Crewe Judo Club is a Member's Club run on a non profit making basis by an Executive Committee and committee members.

If you are interested in being on the club committee, please contact Chris for further details


Executive Committee Positions (Current)



  1. Chairperson:         Chris Sharpe

Vice Chairperson:        Available

Secretary:        Gina Ellerton

  1. Treasurer:        Gina Ellerton

  2. Club Welfare Officer:    Toni Joanne Lane

Club Committee

In addition to the Executive Committee, there are also opportunities to become a member of the General Committee.

Within the General Committee we also require:


Official Club Photographer/Videographer

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Social Secretary

Fundraising Officer

General Committee Members


Why should you get involved?

Club volunteers help build sustainable judo clubs by keeping everything running smoothly and making club environment feel welcoming to new and current members.

Reasons to get involved include:

  • Meet new people and make friends
  • Development new and existing skills
  • If you are a parent, to make use of the spare time you have while your children are on the mat training
  • If you are a student or working professional, to enhance your C.V and develop new skills
  • If you are a former player, to give something back to help those who have helped shape your own judo career


We will shortly be arranging our AGM, where voting will take place for the Executive Committee and General Committee posts for 2019.