Training takes place every Monday and Wednesday



Monday 7pm until 8.15pm and Wednesday - 8pm until 9.15pm


Our Senior classes at Crewe Judo Club are for all levels of ability and beginners are always welcome.  The class is a mixed class of male and female participants and new members will be made very welcome. 

Training takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Why not come along and enjoy your first session FREE. If you like it then your next stage is to sign up for our

BEGINNERS COURSE which takes place during the Monday and/or Wednesday class.


Adult Judo offers all over body conditioning, and a full cardio-vascular work out,  all while improving you coordination balance and stamina.  As well as the throws in Judo,  grappling on the ground, or Ne-waza, also plays a major part of the adult judo game and includes strangles, armlocks and hold downs, all of which contribute to a full body workout developing all important core stability. As well as judo tournaments, in the past our members have taken part in and been succesful in MMA, Submission Wrestling, BJJ and Sombo.


Our classes are open to all and we welcome visitors from other Judo Clubs We hope to see you soon.

Training for our Senior classes takes place on Monday 7pm until 8.15pm and Wednesday 8pm until 9.15pm