Crewe Judo Club provides judo training for children from the age of 5 years upwards.



Wednesday - 7pm until 8pm

At Crewe Judo Club,  our childrens classes focus on having fun and we use games and activities to build judo skills. The club also competes at competitions throughout the UK and there are plenty of opportunities for children to take part in these.


Training takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 8pm.  Why not come along and enjoy your first session FREE. If you like it then your next stage is to sign up for our BEGINNERS COURSE
which takes place during the Wednesday class.


The aims of our Junior Judo classes are to teach boys and girls the essentials of Judo Ukemi (Break Falls), Newaza (ground holds) and Tachiwaza (throwing techniques). 


As the childrens skills develop they will take part in Randori (free practice) and Nagekomi (throwing practice). The classes are all taught in a safe and effective environment with highly qualified instructors. We develop our Judoka through the British Judo Association grading system (coloured belts and tabs) as well as regular competitions that are both held at the club as well as on local and national scales. 

Our classes are open to all and we welcome visitors from other Judo Clubs We hope to see you soon.

Training for our junior class takes place on Wednesday 7pm until 8pm