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Judo training for adults and children in Crewe, Cheshire


Crewe Judo Club was founded in 1981 by Sensei Alf Coyles, with CJC then being afiliated to the Budo Association of Great Britain. Since 1992, Chris Sharpe has been the Head coach at Crewe and over the years the club has celebrated many successes. The club offers a range of affordable classes for all age groups from the age of 5 upwards and for all abilities. 

We run separate junior and senior classes and as well as tournament judo, we also ensure that the traditional aspects of judo are preserved with a monthly kata session, where kata is taught in all the classes.  So it is not unusual to see our 5 year olds pratising Go No Sen No Kata.

Our club is friendly and professional, with all our coaches holding UKCC coaching qualifications, first aid certificates and child protection qualified.  We welcome new members and also visitors from other clubs are always welcome.It has always been our policy that Dan grades train for free and that is a tradition Crewe Judo Club has kept since its formation.

Whatever your reason, whether its for recreation, competition, to make friends or to get yourself fit, come along to one of our training sessions and enjoy a FREE introductory session to see if you like it.   

Children's Classes

Our Junior class runs on a Wednesday evening from 7pm until 8pm. Children are able to join Crewe Judo Club from the age of 5 years of age.  The sessions are taught utilising judo related games to ensure that the session is fun..

Adults Classes

Our adult students at Crewe Judo Club range from 16 years of age up to 50+.  Students work through the full range of judo techniques (throws, holds, armlocks and chokes) and also train in competitive judo and kata.  Many also enter tournaments throughout the UK. The adults class trains every Monday and Wednesday evening.


Through the British Judo Association and other affilliated organisations, the club is very active on the competition scene. Many of the tournaments we enter are in the UK, however, previusly we have had students compete in Belgium.

Get Fitter

Judo training is a great way to get yourself fit.  You will be introduced to a range of warmup techniques at the start of the class and due to the nature of the sport, you will find your cardio will increase.  .

Make New Friends

The first thing you will notice at Crewe Judo Club is the friendly atmosphere, with everyone willing to help each other. Advice is always on hand and for those that decide to take the sport further by entering tournaments or going on courses/seminars, you will meet new friends through an extended judo family.